How to install Aptoide

At this point, who has not heard of Aptoide? Among the new features presented by the popular Android market is the new website to download and install Aptoide. There are many differences with the old version in terms of functionality but has a new design and and everything has been done with a lot of care.

Aptoide, as we know, it’s a very interesting market that offers attractive alternatives to Google’s Store so it’s certainly worth trying. By the integration of this new design, the creators intended to promote the creation of stores with apps from the own developers. Previously, this option was free thanks to Bazaar, but now the service is fully integrated and represents the primary business model that Aptoide is trying to pursue nowadays.

How to install Aptoide

The financial policy of the store is also slightly more splendid than the Google’s Play Store, in Aptoide the author keeps 75% off the revenue generated by the apps while Google only offers 70%.

Now, if you haven’t installed Aptoid on your device, don’t worry, just download this APK file (here more information about how to download the APK) and run it as any other app on your Smartphone or tablet. Remember, you can’t download it from the Play Store as it was removed due to legal issues so it must be installed via the APK file.

As previously stated, this market is an alternative to Google Play Store to find pretty much the same apps but totally free, you don’t have to pay for anything you download. The interface works like a charm an it’s way similar to Google’s offering a search bar to locate the apps of your choice. Also, you can add repositories, which are like stores within the market that feature or develop apps within a specific category that we can easily add to our Aptoide installation and find applications much easily afterwards.