Download Aptoide for PC

Today we’ll review the largest independent app store that allows you to configure and manage your own Android store plus offers you tons of free apps, this program is Aptoide for PC and Android devices in general.

Aptoide is an application that serves as a “link” between the installed device and the server of the different stores that the app users have on their websites. The primary feature of this application is to offer APK files completely free.

If you register on Aptoide’s official website, you can create your own apps store for any platform such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, etc.

Aptoide-for-PCNow you can understand why this application is so popular, we heavily recommend you downloading Aptoide so you can realize how great and easy to use this app is.

The applications work perfectly WITHOUT any of the Google Services, so you will be able to use them hassle-free. Also, the software does not have restriction policies as Google, so people from all countries around the world can install, use, upgrade new apps with no worries at all and absolutely free.

Aptoide is a platform where you will be able to download all the apps you want for your Android device without having to go to Google Play. This is an ideal place for those who are not happy with the official store or are simply looking for a different market. Using Aptoide is very easy, you just have to access it from your device and enter whatever you are looking for in the search bar on top. This app will quickly return you a list of all the apps that match your criteria so you can choose the one you want to download.

If you don’t own an Android device, you can always have it on your PC by downloading and installing Bluestacks, a program that emulates the Android experience near perfection.

Download Aptoide for PC

The app can only be downloaded directly from the official website as it has been removed from Google Play Store since long time ago. As previously stated, the program is merely available for Android OS based devices so if you own an iPhone, Nokia or Blackberry, forget about it, there’s other great alternates to try on these popular platforms though.

After installing Aptoide you must add some stores (ie. Repositories) to find and install applications, afterwards it’s a matter of choosing what app you want to download and install. It also offers ratings and reviews for all the apps, description, it tells you if it’s worth downloading, etc. Everything in Aptoide is perfectly and carefully designed so its use is simple and intuitive, suitable for all types of users. This market is also a good alternative to Google Play for those who prefer downloading stuff from other less popular sites.

All in all, Aptoide is a free application made for users of the Android operating system that allows to get thousands of applications for free with no risk of getting any viruses or malware on our mobile phone or tablet.

Unlike other similar applications, on Aptoide we can create our own “app store”, where we’ll be able to share applications that we’d like others to download or even our own applications in case we are developers. All this means that every day thousands of users share and distribute Android apps through this useful tool.

Due to all the previously described features we heavily recommend to get this app especially because of the large number of applications that we can find, download and install without spending any money. Last but not least, Aptoide is available in many languages like English, Portuguese, Chinese and Spanish, among the most important ones.