Download Aptoide for Nokia

For those unfamiliar with this application, Aptoide is an independent Android Market with more than 60,000 apps available for download at no cost on our smartphones and tablets. However, Aptoide for Nokia, among other devices, is not available at the moment. In this article, we will show you a very interesting and complete alternate that can be used in replace for Nokia smartphones in general.

Unlike the so-called “black markets”, Aptoide for Android smartphones is a completely legal project that seeks to benefit both developers and users who download apps. Developers get benefits because they can open their own Apps store, therefore, they will have their own space to publicize their new apps and earn some money. The profit percentage charged by Aptoide is much lower than Google’s so many developers prefer posting their applications there.


Download Aptoide for Nokia

Like said before, Aptoide is not available on Windows Phone Store but fortunately, there’s a pretty nice alternate called myAppFree that’s up for download completely free here.

This app works in a sort of different ways, it uploads a new high quality free app everyday so users can keep updated on the latest releases. Needless to say, all applications are absolutely free to download, even if they are paid apps on the official Windows Phone Store.

Also, you can take advantage of other features like sharing on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, you can also rate the app with stars according to your experience among other interesting add-ons.

However, we believe the developers have to work harder on adding more new apps that can be really useful for users, sometimes the market seems to be pretty limited when it comes to some apps that are mandatory to have.

All in all, myAppFree is a worthy market app for Windows Phone users that allows us to download paid apps at no extra cost on our Nokia device.