Download Aptoide APK

Aptoide is a relatively “new” app in the Android world that provides an unofficial market that unlike the original, is created and distributed by the OS users and can be downloaded from the official site or just installing the Aptoide APK file.

As you may know, Android is based on being open source which is the main reason why users have joined to create this parallel market or store, the problem (or advantage, depending on how you look at it) is that many of the applications that are posted on it are not free on Google’s Play Store but you can download and install them at no cost by using Aptoide.

Download Aptoide APK

This app or program is undoubtedly used as an alternative to the Play Store we all know as you can search for thousands of repositories (stores within the app) including the official ones where you don’t have to pay for the apps, you can just download and try them for free thanks to the repository Alpha Blackmart better known as Black Market, among one of the most important ones.

You can download the APK file to install Aptoide on your device here, once the download is finished, just open the file and follow the installation instructions on screen which are basically the same ones when installing an official app. Be sure to activate the “Unknown source /Third party apps” feature on your device settings under the Apps option.

Now, if you want to use Aptoide on your Android smartphone or tablet, it must support Android 2.2 or superior, like said before, just download the apk file above, run it and add the repositories you want, that’s it, you will be able to install thousands of applications and games completely free.

In conclusion, this software provides access to a safe and simple way to download applications that are in no way available in the official stores, which translates into a much wider choices range than any other platform applications store.