Aptoide free download

The most popular alternative to Google Play Store, Aptoide free, allows users to enjoy downloads of tons of games, plus free programs and applications for devices with Android-based operating system.

On this alternate to Play Store, we can find thousands of programs of all kinds, plus it’s posible to download them for free as remarked before. Also, you’ll able to have access to apps for Android devices that Google as Play Store owner has not allowed to be published on its official market. Due to many reasons,these apps that were rejected on Play Store can be easily found on this alternate market.

Aptoide is also used to test games, without having to meet the famous 15-minute limit that Google requires to issue a refund. From Aptoide, we can download all games and applications we want (downloading the apk file) and play/use them for as long as we want, and if we finally like them, we’ll be able to purchase the full version via Google’s Official Store.

Aptoide free

As this was not enough, this new version allows you to install applications from a computer with webinstall using the same account on aptoide.com. Also, it comes with better input, enhanced by the OAuth 2.0 protocol. Another feature is the ability to comment and respond or vote up or down a specific program or application, very useful before downloading.

The search has been Improved too as there’s words suggestion in a whole new section where we can take a look at the other stores, a very convenient “add-on” for most users.

Also, it is important to state that this is an alternative Android application market in which each user can have a store of their own. By downloading the application you can give away the apps you have developed or any backups you may have. Also, you will be able to download all the user apps on the market, you will find reviews, ratings and installation instructions, among a lot more stuff.

Aptoide free download

Now there’s a new Aptoide version, the that you can download on this location. This version is compatible with all mobile devices with Android system like smartphones or tablets. The file got an APK extension, this is the file type that the Android operating system uses to install all the apps.

Some of the most important features of Aptoide are as follows:

  • Complete control of each featured application directly by the developers.
  • Thousands of apps not available on Google Play Store.
  • Ability to download Aptoide for Android and enjoy your own apps store as well as other users’.


  • Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher operating system.
  • Installing the app via the APK file requires activation of the “Unknown sources” option in Settings > Applications.

Obviously, the first thing you would think of this type of alternative markets is that they are a source of malware, but don’t worry, Aptoide treats security as a top priority when uploading the apps. Also, this gigantic virtual store offers developers a somewhat greater benefit than Google Play Store’s, and in the same way, allows them to create their own store within the application, where they can sell all kind of apps and give all related information to their users .

Since Aptoide is not available at the official Google Store, the best way to download it would be from any PC (even if you want to, you can use it directly on your PC) and then install it on your smartphone or tablet, to make sure it won’t cause you any sort of problems. Finally, once we have installed it, we can access many new and alternative applications that, for one reason or another, are not available on Google’s Play Store.