Aptoide 2015

  • Aptoide free download

    The most popular alternative to Google Play Store, Aptoide free, allows users to enjoy downloads of tons of games, plus free programs and applications for devices with Android-based operating system. On this alternate to Play Store, we can find thousands of programs of all kinds, plus it’s posible to download them for free as remarked before. Also, you’ll able to..

  • Download Aptoide APK

    Aptoide is a relatively “new” app in the Android world that provides an unofficial market that unlike the original, is created and distributed by the OS users and can be downloaded from the official site or just installing the Aptoide APK file. As you may know, Android is based on being open source which is the main reason why users..

  • Download Aptoide for Windows Phone

    Aptoide is basically a store pretty similar to Google Play Store, in fact, it was available on it for sometime. It includes tons of Apps and Games for Android so we can download them on our Android device completely free and, although Aptoide for Windows Phone is not available at the moment, we’ll give you some interesting alternates in this..

  • How to install Aptoide

    At this point, who has not heard of Aptoide? Among the new features presented by the popular Android market is the new website to download and install Aptoide. There are many differences with the old version in terms of functionality but has a new design and and everything has been done with a lot of care. Aptoide, as we know,..

  • Download Aptoide for Nokia

    For those unfamiliar with this application, Aptoide is an independent Android Market with more than 60,000 apps available for download at no cost on our smartphones and tablets. However, Aptoide for Nokia, among other devices, is not available at the moment. In this article, we will show you a very interesting and complete alternate that can be used in replace..